Spacebar has Found its New (h)Ome

Hi folks,

It’s been a while and we just wanted to keep people posted as to our whereabouts, updates on us and our new space, a coffee and cake bar – Ome by Spacebar Coffee. (And yes, we now use colour photos!)

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Ome by Spacebar Coffee, a coffee bar in Georgetown, Penang.

We have moved but we are still within Georgetown, Penang. If you’re looking for us, drop us a line at 019-3091450 or find us online (Google, Waze, Facebook, Tripadvisor, etc.). We are open from 8am-6pm everyday (last order is at 6pm) except for Thursdays.

We serve coffees, in-house cakes, chocolate, teas and juices only.

Our CNY hours will be: We rest from 12th to 18th February for a week before coming back to brew on the 19th at 9.30am.

Also, we have a retail shelf of coffee related goodies like hand-blown reusable glass Sol Cups, ceramic cups from Cone No.9, Standart Magazines, coffee beans, scales, KONO coffee brewers and filter paper, Phoenix Brewer by St. Anthony Industries and more. We keep our offerings updated here on our Facebook Cover Photo.

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Yes, we are still a multi-roaster coffee bar. We love a challenge and discovering new coffees.

Our amazing roasters – Artisan Roastery (KL) and The Roast Things (KL) still support us but we feature guest roasters from time to time if we find something interesting for either espresso or filter. Recently, we featured some of Dale Harris’ winning World Barista Championship Las Brumas Wild Forest Project Microlot from Hasbean Coffee UK and it sold out within 5 days! It’s a straightforward orangey, bodied, clean coffee on espresso with pleasant acidity and plenty of sweetness. Glad that people liked it.

Next up, we will have some amazing coffees from Cat and Cloud (US) and some competition coffees (geshas!) do make it to our menu.

Rest assured, we will continue looking for interesting coffees to serve beside our espresso and filter coffee offerings.

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Filter and freshly baked stuff.  In pic, butter pound loaf.

Shean has continued her baking and the olive oil zucchini (commonly confused as lemon cake) seems to be a hit here. We also have cakes like the simpler butter pound loaf, crunchy yet soft blueberry bread and butter pudding from time to time, banana sesame bread (another crowd favourite!), chocolate plum cake (new!), apple crisps (vegan friendly) and chocolate fudge (chocolate lovers?). We will continue to try new recipes and develop savoury items down the line.

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Abstract Art by Tatawa Art at our cafe area. What do you see? Maybe another coffee might help you see better.

Art Space Upstairs
Lastly, we have an art space upstairs. Our first art exhibition featured abstract art from Tatawa Art over October and November. Then, we featured Miss Maniac’s work : Islands, an interactive art exhibition involving sewing work.

Currently, the space is empty with some film shots by Shean herself and we will be working with our neighbours down the road from Barbara Moore Gallery to hold a workshop and exhibition here.


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Maybe Nitro Gesha. Or just a darn good coffee with nitrogen gas infused.

During our opening months, we had a series of events dubbed as “Secret Stash” – WBC screening to support our 2017 Malaysian Barista Champion, cuppings, nitro gesha and we will look at working on these things more over the next few months.


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Espresso based. Filter. Nitro. Batch Brew. Name it. We just might have it.

Yes, we still maintain our roots of doing pop-ups. For the month of September and August, we were at Hin Bus’ Sunday Pop-up market with other artisanal vendors serving up filter coffees and nitro coffee. We also had the privilege to serve at Bangunan UAB for the Georgetown Literary Festival in October.

If you do want us to pop-up at your event be it a wedding or something out of the usual, drop us an email at

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Our next step. Do join us!

So, that’s us; A new step in our coffee journey and we are excited to execute and rehash some ideas we have had in this short three-year journey of ours. We are also trying a new way of hiring by using an online form for part-time and full-time applicants to help out at our shop. We are looking for full-time help to start at the end of April.

We like to think we’re always a work-in-progress so the space and us will evolve from time to time. Join us, do drop by and visit us.

Thank you and we hope to catch up with you soon!

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Right here. Waiting. For you.




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