Comforting Chocolate and Uplifting Lime in your Cup – It’s Guatemala Week.

We’re still at Await Cafe, Taman Desa serving light breakfasts (sourdough toast, sweet breads) along with coffees and teas. 7-11am weekdays only. Parking can be found nearer the condominiums near the park after 830am and for public transport here, take bus U72. Pop-up is until the end of May.

Coffees from Guatemala have always been a favourite of mine. I have come to expect notes of comforting chocolate and uplifting citrus acidity in them. These coffees are frequently used as a base in most blends to lend its body and chocolate-like notes to them.

Sometimes, you come across Guatemalan coffees that stand well on its on. And we think we have found two such coffees – one for espresso and one for filter.

Milk chocolate, almonds and orange acidity in Espresso.

Milk chocolate, almonds and orange acidity in Espresso.

Taking a break from our delightful CTRL blend, we recently got some Guatemala Finca La Hermosa by The Roast Things with roaster’s notes of orange acidity, milk chocolate and almonds. We just can’t wait to brew this one tomorrow onwards!

For filter, we also have Guatemala La Pastora from Papa Palheta – A unique Guatemalan Filter with peach-like acidity and a cocoa finish. This coffee is from the Huehuetenango region where Guatemalan coffees from this region tend to display a more pleasant, bright acidity. One of the more interesting Guatemalan coffee we have brewed recently.

So, come by, start here with some real good coffee and real food on your weekdays.

Note: CLOSURE- We will not be around on Monday, 20th as we will be in Penang that weekend. Come back on Tuesday next week.


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