Why “Start Here”? Await Cafe 7am-11am, Weekdays until May.

Why “Start Here”, a Morning Coffee Project at Await Cafe, Taman Desa, KL?

Or take-away? It's just a short wait. Or drop us a message for your order.

Having here or takeaway? It’s just a short wait. Or drop us a message for your order.

1. Well, not many coffee places open before 8am or even, 7am as we are! So, come by and we can set you up with your morning fix before you head to work, or wait out the morning rush or just work away from the office with us.

Breakfast Bites are served. Onigiri, Banana Bread and Sourdough Toast with Toppings.

Breakfast bites are served: Onigiri (Japanese rice balls with fillings), Banana Bread and Sourdough Toast with Toppings.

2. Starting the day/week right is important. To quote Lemony Snicket:

“Morning is an important time of day, because how you spend your morning can often tell you what kind of day you are going to have.”

3. Coincidentally, for Shean and I, we started appreciating specialty coffee thanks to Await and their syphon brews, and it is quite poignant that we do this project here.

Drink in?

Sit in and drink in?  The choice is yours.

4. Above all, Ever realise coffee tastes best in the morning? Perhaps, the senses are most alive, then or maybe you just need your morning coffee. This is counter to the idea that cafes are busy at night with people drinking coffee later in the day. So, we wanted to try something different.

Come on by for the next two months and start right here at Await Cafe in Taman Desa. They are also open on normal hours serving excellent filter coffees and more. Check them out.

Currently, we feature an Espresso blend of Colombia, Brazil and Panama from Three Little Birds Roastery but we feature other guest espressos/filters from some of our favourite roasters in Malaysia and abroad. Expect sweet, bodied white coffee in milk or citrusy/stone fruit acidity with a long finish in black. See you soon!


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