Our Next Pop-ups – Await Cafe (3 months) and Pusat Rakyat LB (1 month)

Our next pop-ups are as follows:

START HERE flyer1)A Morning Coffee Project: Awake @ Await Cafe, Taman Desa –  
Weekdays 7am-11am.

Ever had that feeling you need a decent cup of coffee that get you going or something to look forward to in your mornings?

We hope to able to provide you just that. *hopefully*

We will be serving espresso-based coffees, some filters, some sourdough bread for toast and good old OJ. So come on by and let us start you right.

For the next three months.Processed with VSCOcam with b5 preset

2) Aeropress (Coffee) Bar:  Pusat Rakyat Loyarburok/MCCHR, Bangsar
Usually Saturday and Tuesday/Thursday (whenever there are events at the “Pusat”) and times may vary. For the next two weeks, we’ll be there to serve coffee at these times:

10.03.2015 Tuesday 2am-10pm (Film screening by MESYM)
14.03.2015 Saturday 10am-4pm *
19.03.2015 Thursday 1pm-7pm (Correction: Not 2-8pm as earlier posted)
22.03.2015 Saturday 10am-4pm *
26.03.2015 Thursday 1pm-7pm (Correction: Not 2-8pm as earlier posted)
29.03.2015 Saturday 10am-4pm

Our start in coffee began with the humble Aeropress coffee maker and in this space we will be serving white and black coffees with it. A more than decent stop-gap measure until the centre gets a decent espresso machine or other options are considered.

After some brilliant DIY work by the team of volunteers here, the cafe space is ready. (For background: see here) The space is also a resource centre for the Malaysian Centre for Constitutionality and Human Rights (read: they do good work for civil rights in Malaysia) or known among the community here as Pusat Rakyat LB. So drop by and support this cafe that is part of the centre’s initiative to be self-sustaining.

For one month only. To get there, see here. It’s on the 2nd floor. Also, parking is very limited, and this place is most accessible from the Bangsar LRT station.

* Apologies as the timing has changed from 6pm to 4pm.


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