Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year!

We have been taking a break this month to concentrate on other projects but we’ll like to thank a few people who’s really helped us with their space and all in the last year. Thank you to Diane, Sheaynee and the whole team (past and present) at Awesome Canteen, Eliza of Le Lapin Cafe, Kheong, Lin and Jason + the team at Red Bean Bag and Emilyn and Opal + team at Pronto Grab and Go. 

If you’re in need for your filter coffee, we can recommend a few other coffee pop-ups and filter bars around town.

Coffee Pop-Ups.
Room 203 is based in Cheras but has been around different places. Might have seen them at Publika.
Seraph Awaken only does their pop-up in Klang on weekends now but they roast their own coffees too. You can find their coffee at places like Plaster Fun House Coffee and cafes around Subang Jaya.
Trio Coffee also in Klang. They use a sleek Speedster for their espressos and Nylon Coffee last I checked.
Woosh Coffee up in Penang.

Filter Coffee Available in KL at:
Await Cafe – A personal favourite of ours. If you have not visited in the last 4-6 months, you’re due for a return there.
Owls Cafe has a brew bar too.
Thirdwave – Cool island bar with HasBean Coffees.
The Roast Things do espressos and filters  with their in-house roasted coffees on Mondays and Wednesdays from 9am to 4pm. They were recently at Mari Market at Art Printing Works.
The usual suspects: Three Little Birds, PULP and VCR.
Awesome Canteen also recently started doing V60s too.

This list is not exhaustive, of course. Again, Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year, peeps!

Where it kinda all started - Awesome Canteen

Where it kinda all started – Awesome Canteen. (L-R: Joachim, Shean, Sheaynee, Diane)

As for Spacebar Coffee, we’re looking at more pop-ups, maybe a concrete location, coffee appreciations and much more! ‘Till our next liftoff! 


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