Week Seventeen: Last week at the Red Bean Bag, Publika.

Just a quick plug, if you do think The Red Bean Bag deserves “Best Cafe” and “Best Coffee” from TOKL – do vote for them here: http://www.timeout.com/kuala-lumpur/foodawards

It’s our last two days there (3-7pm) and boy, do we have quite interesting coffees this week (black pepper, lychee, starfruit?) . In detail:

Hasbean this week : An amazingly balanced Phil Ter blend, El Salvador and India.

Hasbean this week : An amazingly balanced Phil Ter blend, El Salvador and India.

Indian Bibi Coorg Washed HDT Catuvai  – Black Pepper and Spicy base notes. Super clean lychee-like acidity and mouthfeel.

We have ordered this before and we got a little confused with the other Indian coffee (Peaberry) that we offered before. Both Indian coffees are really safe, more typical ‘coffee’ flavours yet still being clean and easy to drink.

1) El Salvador Finca Argentina Washed CatimorMilk Choc, balanced acidity and smooth. 

A bit of a wild card choice as we do not usually get Catimors from El Salvador but the farm is forced to grow the Catimor variety which are more hardy towards the coffee rust epidemic (think Ebola but for coffee) after wiping out a large majority of their crop.  So, support, yo. Read more about coffee leaf rust here and its impact on the farmers. Full story of the coffee here. 

2) Phil Ter Filter Blend Mk4 2014 – A blend of 40% Nicaragua Finca Pulped Natural Caturra, 30% Nicaragua Finca La Escondida Washed Catuai, 30% Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Cheleba Washed.

While blends for espresso are pretty common, blends for filters are quite alien to us. (Common in Taiwan though) Just broad descriptors of fruit, smooth, balanced and sweet. Made a Kalita of it for lunch, picked out some starfruit-like acidity and well, it tasted pretty much in that order!

So, come on by and say hi and give the coffees a try.


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