Ice Bucket Challenge Accepted… Kinda. For the Coffee Kids.

Thanks Eugene Chiu for plugging us, the awesome guys at Brewmen and THIRDWAVE Cafe to do the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.

We’ve been following the challenge very closely on media and believe while great things are being done (and brave!) to raise awareness of the disease amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) and encourage donations to research of it, we have chosen to donate RM100 to an organisation we have been following very closely, Coffee Kids.

Giving back...

Giving back… Taken from an email we got after we donated.

Working and drinking lots of coffee, it’s time to give back to the coffee community, namely the coffee farmers and the families they raise with the coffee they sell. Coffee Kids does a fine job raising money to help educate, equip the children and farmers to improve their lives further.

A timely thing as coffee rust sweep across farms in South America causing one billion USD of lost revenue, 500k jobs lost and a mass exodus across borders in the countries affected. (Source:

Thanks Eugene for your challenge as a final push to make this small and meaningful donation to an organisation we hope to continue to support along this coffee journey.

P.S. As to why we chose not to give to the ALS, was because to date, it has raised over 100 million and in the world of charities, a dollar to one charity, means a dollar less to another and we thought we would choose Coffee Kids.

Why not donate to a cause that means something to you 🙂




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