FrogAsia Coffee Appreciation 06.08.2014

Thanks Mabel and Su Zen for having us at FrogAsia for a Lunch Learning : Coffee Appreciation session.

Also, thank you, Sarah Lim for these photos.
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We brewed HasBean’s coffees on the Chemex 6-cup (500ml, 30g of coffee, 90c, 30-40s blooming of 50ml4.5 minutes extraction) with the following coffees: El Salvador Finca Santa Petrona Washed Red Bourbon, Guatemala Finca San Sebastián Natural Bourbon Tanzania Selian Block G Natural Typica and Costa Rica Finca de Licho Yellow Honey Vila Sarch.

Also, we brewed some of Papa Palheta’s Ethiopia Sidama Amaro Gayo– Due to the coffee accidentally being hand grinded too fine (espresso-like, my bad) had to improvise with a low heat (78c), 100ml, 15g ( I call this an Aeropress cheat espresso recipe aka the original recipe-ish) with the Aeropress. Concentrated but still yummy (phew!) and also on the Kalita wave 155 (15g, 250ml, 89c) for hand-drip.

Hope everyone had a good time as much as we did brewing, tasting, sharing and preaching talking coffee!


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