Our Blend : Jaffa Blend

At our next Espresso Coffee + Filter Coffee Pop-up we’ll be featuring a special blend for our espresso coffee : Jaffa Blend (Chocolate/Orange).

Jaffa Cakes are one of our favourite biscuits/cakes (there’s actually a whole debate on this ) and has a sweetness, chocolate and oranges notes plus texture we would love to see working in coffee. So, we approached Mirwan from Sprezzatura Coffee and he recommended us a blend and we loved it. It’s nice in both a short black and also in white after much testing.

The Jaffa Blend is a blend of 60% Toraja Indonesia, 30% Guatemala la Perla and 10% Kenya Gituito. More information on the farms and pictures to come.

In Black, expect citrusy notes with a dash of pomelo sweetness, followed by a chocolatey finish.
In White, expect milk chocolate with a hint of orange.


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